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We strongly recommend using Internet Explorer 10 and above.
Please visit to determine which browser you are currently using.


Entering a game

When launching the game, you will be given a choice to Play for Fun or enter a 2nd Chance code from a Russet Riches scratch ticket to play for prizes.

Play for Fun is a free version of the game which does not require a purchase or login details, however, any prizes won will just be examples of what you could win if you played with a code. The "Play for Fun" button might be disabled when you first open the game while the game continues to load in the background.

Show Used Tickets will display all the codes that have already been entered and claimed by your account. You will need to be logged in to your Idaho Lottery VIP Club account for this feature to be available. This is useful for checking which codes you have already claimed.

Game Play

The object of the game is to get the lowest score possible. You do this by rolling the dice and selecting a combination of available potatoes which add up to the number shown on the dice. For example, if 12 is rolled on the dice, you could use 9 + 2 + 1, or 9 + 3, it's up to you! After you make your selection(s), those potatoes are removed from play and you're prompted to roll the dice again. Notice your score is made up of the numbers shown on the remaining potatoes. For example, if the remaining potatoes are 3, 7, 8 and 9, your score is 3,789.

When you're unable to select remaining potatoes adding up to the number rolled on the dice, the game will end and if your score is low enough, you'll be taken to a prize board. Which prize board you reach will depend on your score!

To reach the Bronze prize board, you must eliminate enough potatoes to reach a score of less than 1,500 points. To reach the Silver prize board, score less than 500 points, and less than 50 points will bring you to the Gold prize board.


Why is 'Play for Fun' greyed out?

The game is still loading, once the game has finished loading the button will light up.

Can I still win prizes if I Play for Fun?

Unfortunately you can not win prizes if you 'Play for Fun'. You can, however, practice with the game to get the hang of how it works.

If the game freezes, loses connection or I do not finish my game, will I still get my prize?

Yes, you will still receive your prize, if unsure of what you have been awarded, please replay using the same code or check your account.

How do I check what tickets have been used?

When logged in with your Idaho Lottery VIP Club account, look for a link on the bottom left of the game that says 'Show Used Tickets'.

Why can I reuse the same ticket?

You can reuse the same ticket to replay the game and see what prize you previously won. Used ticket codes cannot be replayed for additional prizes.

Why is there an icon at the top of my screen when I replay a game using the same ticket?

The icon symbolises that this game is a replay and the prize has already been won.

I won a prize but it has not been credited to my account. What happens next?

Please contact us at We'd be happy to help.

I'm having problems playing the game on my [smartphone or desktop PC].

The game has been developed for, and tested to play on a variety of popular, modern browsers and devices.

Desktop PC's:

Smartphones and Tablets:

Note: The game is optimized for playing in landscape (horizontal) orientation. If you are holding your smartphone or tablet in portrait (vertical) orientation, you will be prompted to turn your device to landscape to play.

If your OS and browser doesn't meet these requirements, please consider upgrading to the latest versions (browsers are free, some operating system upgrades are free also), alternatively, try using a friend's PC or smartphone with newer software.

Have fun!



Enter the second-chance draw to win one (1) of five (5) $1,000 prizes or the grand prize of $5,000 at the official end of the game.


One (1) non-winning Russet Riches Scratch ticket.


Enter the eight (8) digit alphanumeric second-chance entry code located in the circle on the top right of the QUALIFYING non-winning scratch ticket by accessing via a personal computer or mobile device and either logging into your existing VIP Club account or registering as a new member, and then selecting the hyperlink specifically developed for the purpose of accessing the Interactive Game.


Starting September 12, 2016 at 12:01 AM MT until 11:59 PM MT on the day of the Official end of the game.

Official end of game will be announced by the Lottery when either the game has sold out, claimed out or determined by the Lottery Executive Director.


The winners will be announced within three business days of the last following the official game end date.


Posting or announcement of the winner drawn does not confirm winning status until the winner and winning entries have been verified by Idaho Lottery officials.

An alternate winner will be chosen and contacted in the event of the following:

  1. the winner cannot be notified due to incorrect or lack of contact information
  2. the winner has not contacted the Idaho Lottery within the required time
  3. the winner cannot accept or participate in the promotion
  4. the winner cannot present the winning entry for verification
  5. the winner cannot provide required identification
  6. entry was not legally purchased

You must be 18 years of age to buy, sell, or redeem Idaho Lottery tickets in Idaho. No one under 18 can participate in any Idaho Lottery promotion, giveaway or game.

Important winner details

The winner will have 10 days, after notification and posting on the website, to contact the Idaho Lottery Security Division. Every effort will be made to contact the winner by phone and e-mail information that was provided by entrant.

Winner's names will be published on the Idaho Lottery website no later than 3:00 PM MT on the announcement date.

In the event a named winner does not step forward to claim their prize within the required time, the named winner will forfeit their claim to the prize and an alternate will be chosen and contacted. The alternate will then have 10 days to contact the lottery.

This prize must be claimed in person at the Idaho Lottery office in Boise (1199 Shoreline Lane Boise, Idaho):